We appreciate your skill and ability to sculpt a masterpiece from a wooden block. This is why Carpenter Sydney is always looking out for new and honed carpenters willing to work throughout Sydney. We are always open to new and innovative ideas. You will work as a permanent employee of the company and will be receiving every benefit. This is an excellent opportunity to flourish and even get sponsorship if required.

We are looking for candidates who are experienced in carpentry service. Don’t worry if you are just an intern and willing to go off-limits to create marvellous pieces. You are welcomed as well. Given are some of the preferred criteria that we are looking for in a carpenter. Remember, this is a preferred list and not mandatory. We will make sure you efficiently fit in any position.

Preferred qualities

    The candidate should have acquired trade qualification in carpentry or joinery from any institute in Australia or overseas.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience is desirable.
  • Capability to work in a team or alone.
  • Experiences to work in residential and commercial projects.
  • Good communication skills and potential to manage time effortlessly.
  • Possessing different sets of tools, transportation and personal protective equipment is desirable, although it can be arranged after recruiting.

Why should you work with Carpenter Sydney?

There are specific reasons why you should be working with us. After you join us, you start to work immediately without wasting any time. You are awarded a permanent job role and can work in and around Sydney. We also provide sponsorships for overseas candidates. We have been working in some of the biggest projects and hence you get to expand further. We also provide training regularly when something new and innovative is introduced in the carpentry world. You will receive an excellent pay package that includes hourly rates and retirement benefits. You will love working with the enthusiastic team of Carpenter Sydney.

To know more about the career option and us, feel free to call us on 0417 417 400 or email at We will get back to you when there is an opening and take things further.

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